Friday, October 30, 2009

Samurai Jeans (SOLD)

Price : RM400

kaler biru.
slua da sizen da, tp sizen lawa....
takek pn da naik.
condition ok... 85% like new.
button fly n silver line selvedge...
kt coin pocket pn selvage jgk.
button tls lmbg padie
saiz kt tag 31, tp saiz 31/32 leh pki,
pai kulit,.
made in japan.
xde koyak, no hole n no alter.
kaki ori, tp kaki kt blkg da pecah skit.
labuh asal, dlm 42.
berminat, sila col or sms my no.
harga leh nego lg skit2 n harga skali dgn shipping.
serious buyer only.
spe2 yg nk trade pn leh jgk.

1 comment:

  1. Looking awesome, It's too fashionable. Japan Blue jeans vintage wash trouser is a comfortable pair of jeans that sits slightly lower on the waist to stretch out the look of your torso, it comes in a nice medium blue shade.



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