Friday, October 23, 2009

Sony PSP Slim (SOLD)

Price : RM688

* sy de nk letgo sony PSP 2000 caler piano black..
* da install latest version n da blh maen download game.
* condition excellent, 5% je de calar (see the pic).
* funtion lak sume good... xpenah rosak n repair.
antara game yg de.. fifa, pes, need 4 speed, god of war,n de etc.
* sy bg full set skali dgn box. pe yg de dlm pic 2, sume yg anda akan dpt.
pe akn anda dpt :
- Sony PSP console
- memory card 8gb MARK2 + 4gb
- charger
- headphones witg remote control
- blackhorn crystal casing
- blackhorn pouch

* nk jual my gadjet sbb nk guna duit.
* sila contact my no if berminat n 4 seriuos buyer only.
* spe2 yg dk area bangi or kajang, leh cod dl brg utk lbh puas hati.

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